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FAQs & Benefits


1. How do I create a new account?

You can create a new account at free of cost. You just need to create a unique user name, password and fill in your e-mail address & mobile no. Click here to create New Account.

2. Why do I need to submit my e-mail id?

You need to enter your e-mail id so that you can receive updates of latest promotions, deposit, bonuses, withdrawal and tournaments offers. If you forget your password you can retrieve your Stake4Win password through your e-mail account.

3. How do I play rummy at

It's simple. You just need to create an account at and fill in the details to enjoy our online rummy games. Click here to create a new account.

4. I forget password. What should I do?

No worry! Click on "Forgot password" link below the "LOGIN" button and reset your password. Submit your username or e-mail address and you will get a mail to your registered e-mail address that will inform you about how to change your password.

5. How can I change my password?

First log in to your Stake4Win account, click on "MY ACCOUNT" located under your dashboard. Edit your Email or Password under the "Personal Profile" Section and save the new credentials.

6. Can I change my avatar?

Yes you can change your Avatar.

7. How can I change my avatar?

Log in to your Stake4Win account and click on "MY ACCOUNT" Section. Select "Edit Avatar" and select the avatar which you want to choose and save your new avatar.

8. I don't know how to play rummy. How should I learn how to play rummy?

It is easy to learn as well. Thumb rule of rummy is picking and discarding the cards to create the sequences/set. Click on how to play and learn the game in quick and very easy steps.

9. What is the difference between Cash Games & Practice Games?

You can play both the games at For Cash Games, you have to deposit money to play for cash games to compete with opponents to win lots of money with lots of fun. While in Practice games, you need not have to deposit money; you can play free of cost with free practice chips.

10. My practice chips are over. How do I get more free chips?

You need to click on "MY ACCOUNT" and select "Refill” option to get more 10000 free practice chips to play rummy. You will get another 10000 practice chips after completing 24 hours.

11. What If I stall have basic queries in my mind?

No worry we are always here to assist you. You can generate ticket to ask any related queries. You can generate ticket from contact us section or from my account section.

12. How to become member of private club at Stake4Win?

13. What are the benefits of private club membership?


1. Is it safe to perform online transactions at

All transactions on Stake4Win are extremely safe and are encrypted using 128 bit-SSL. We take all measures to keep your data safe & you can safely transact on With millions of players performing online transactions every day, we are one of the most trusted sites to perform online transactions.

2. How do I add cash to my Stake4Win account?

Follow the steps mentioned below to add cash to your Stake4Win account:

  • Log in to your account and click on ‘ADD CASH button on the games lobby.
  • Fill in the information required to process an online transaction.
  • Enter amount.
  • Pick the mode of online transactions.
  • And complete the transactions very easily.

3. Can I use my bank’s Internet banking feature to make a payment?

Yes. You can use your bank’s internet banking feature to make a payment. You will need to pick the Net banking option and enter your user id & password and follow the simple steps.

4. My account has been debited but the payment is not reflected in My Account?

In this condition, we request you to kindly contact our Customer Support Team or write to us at from your registered email id with the details.

5. What is the minimum amount that I can deposit?

You can deposit a minimum amount of Rs. 20 to play cash rummy games.

6. What is the maximum amount that I can deposit?

You can deposit a maximum amount of Rs. 20000 during one online transaction.

7. How do I renew my private club membership?

8. What are the charges to become private club member?

9. Is there any option to auto renew my club membership?

10. How do I withdraw cash from my Stake4Win account?

If you are verified customers, you can withdraw the amount. It is very easy to withdraw cash from your Stake4Win account. Just follow the steps mentioned below to withdraw cash from your account:

  • Log in to your account and click on 'MY ACCOUNT'
  • Click on 'Withdrawal' and choose the modes of transfer
  • Enter the amount, fill in your details and then click on 'Continue'

11. What is the minimum amount that I can withdraw?

You can withdraw a minimum amount of Rs. 150 from your Stake4Win account.

12. What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

You can withdraw the whole amount shown on your Account Details at any time you wish to withdraw.

13. How long will it take to withdrawal my money?

We process your withdrawal requests within 24 hours after receiving the withdrawal request. After processing your withdrawal request, the bank generally takes 24 to 48 hours to deposit the amount to your account depending on the processing speed of your respective bank.

14. Are there any charges on withdrawal?

There is No Processing Fee or charges on any Withdrawal amount.


1. How do I become verified customer?

It is very easy to become verified customer. Just follow the simple steps:

  • Log in to your Stake4Win Account.
  • Click on the 'My Account' section.
  • Go to Account Details Section.
  • Select the 'Upload File’ option.
  • Choose the file from your device and submit.

2. How to verify my e-mail Id?

Just follow the simple steps to verify your Id:

  • You will get automatic ‘verification link` on your e mail at the time of registration.
  • Click on the verification link to verify your Stake4Win account.

3. How to verify my e-mail Id?

Just follow the simple steps to verify your Id:

  • Log in to your Stake4Win Account.
  • Click on the 'My Account' section.
  • Select the 'Email Verification' option.
  • Update your valid e-mail Id.
  • Click on the 'Resend Verification Link'.

The verification link will be sent to your email ID. Log in to your account and click on the link to verify your email Id.

4. What should be my system's requirements to play rummy flash games on

Kindly check the specifications mentioned below to make sure that your computer has all the following configurations to play rummy online without having to download:

  • Pentium 4 and above
  • 512MB of RAM and above
  • Screen Resolution of 1024x768 and above
  • Flash Player 9 or above. Get the latest Flash Player Here.
  • Audio Speaker to listen to our rummy game sounds. However you can play without speaker.
  • Internet Connection - It is recommended to have a high-speed Internet connection to enjoy ultimate gaming experience on

5. What should I do if face disruption in my Internet connection?

In case of frequent internet disconnections, please check with your internet service provider. Please don’t download anything while playing the game. This makes the internet connection weak and might lead to disconnections. If our servers detect such disruption, a pop-up message will appear that will inform you of the disruption. Your game will resume once your Internet starts working again.

6. What are the Internet browsers that support Stake4Win?

You don’t have to download rummy games to play rummy on your desktop. Just open your Internet browser and type to play rummy. Make sure that your Internet browser is Java Script enabled with disabled Popup Blocker. Popular Internet browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox work well.

Rummy Game FAQ's

1. How do I start playing rummy?

To start playing rummy, you simply need to click on " Play Rummy" button and you will be taken to the game lobby. Here you can select the game of your choice and join to play.

2. What are the Rummy variants available Stake4Win?

The variants available are:

  • Points Rummy – Two to Six players can play.
  • Pool Rummy – This has two options – 101 points pool, 201 points pool. Two to Six players can play.
  • Deal Rummy—Two or 6 Players can play. No drop option on 2 Player Game.
  • Rummy Tournaments - This has many options – Auto, Daily, Weekly, Special, Festival, Free, and Monthly Jackpots Tournaments.

3. How do I join a rummy table?

  • First select one option from –Cash Games/Tournaments/Practice Games
  • Then click on the variant you want to play – Points Rummy/Pool Rummy/Deal Rummy
  • Then click on type of game –
    1. Points Rummy
    2. Pool Rummy - 101/201/BO3/BO2(Deals Rummy )
    3. Deal Rummy
  • Then select your choice of table and click on the "JOIN" button to start playing the game.

4. How do I SORT my cards?

You can click on the SORT button of your choice to sort your cards. Your cards will sort automatically according to suite (color). After it you can use your skill.

5. How do I DISCARD my cards?

You can click on the DISCARD button after picking the card which you want to discard.

6. How do I GROUP the cards?

You can click on the GROUP button after selecting the cards which you want to arrange in sequences or set to group the cards. You can create maximum six groups.

7. How do I FINISH the game?

You can click on the FINISH button after picking the card which you want to discard to finish the game.

8. What are my options if I wish to drop?

You have the option to drop from most variants of the game (except for Deal Rummy (BO2). The points for dropping from a game will be applicable as follows:

Type of game First drop Middle drop
Points Rummy - 20 points 40 points
Deal Rummy(BO2) No Drop No Drop
Deal Rummy(BO6) 20 points 40 points
101 points game - 20 points 40 points
201 points game - 25 points 50 points

9. What is a sequence?

A sequence/run is any 3 or more cards of the same suits/symbol in a continuous row.

10. What is a set?

A set consists of 3 or 4 cards of the same number but different suits.

11. Where can I use a Joker?

You can use a joker to complete a sequence or set once you have completed a Life (pure Sequence) without Joker.

12. What happens if anyone discards a joker by mistake?

If you discard a joker by mistake, the player next to him will not be able to pick it up.

13. Can I see what cards I have discarded and view the cards picked up by my opponent from the discard pile?

You have the option to view the cards discarded by clicking on the "Discard Barrel" image shown next to the open cards deck.

14. What if I require extra time to make my move?

If due to some reason you are not able to make a move within the allotted time you will be given 60 seconds extra to make your move. But extra time will be reduced on next move.

15. How do I make a SHOW?

Every time you make a sequence or set you need to group the cards. Once all the cards except the 14th card are grouped, you can click on the 14th card and then click on show. Once you do that a declare button will appear. Check whether you have grouped your cards properly and then confirm by clicking on yes.

16. What happens if I make a wrong show?

If you happen to make a wrong show you will get the full count for the game – that is 80 points.

17. Is it legal to play rummy for cash?

Rummy has been declared a game of skill by the honorable Supreme Court of India, making it perfectly legal to play for cash. So enjoy and earn.

18. What are Multi Player-Multi Table Tournaments?

Multi Player- Multi Table Tournament is a format that invites large numbers of players to compete against each other to reach in final table to win price/cash/jackpot.

19. How can I play the Tournaments?

You will need to Register for the Tournament and you will need to join and play the Tournament at the specified time

20. How can I register for the Tournament?

Tournaments are found under tournaments tab on the client lobby. Select a tournament and click on the "Register" button to register for a Tournament.

21. What is Free Tickets Tournament?

Free Ticket Tournaments are Tournaments where there is no buy-in amount. Players can play on Free Ticket Tournaments based upon their eligibility. Separate Free Ticket Tournaments are organized for regular and premium players. However you can use free tickets in other tournaments.

22. What is a Cash Tournament?

Cash Tournaments are buy-in Tournaments where any players can register. Real cash are deducted from player account to register to such Tournaments. Entry to some cash Tournaments is restricted based on tournaments T&C.

23. What is a Special Tournament?

These are tournaments which are generally targeted towards festivals and other major events. On these tournaments, millions of players generally compete for a jackpot prize pool.

24. What is an Auto/Daily Tournament?

This is daily tournaments which scheduled automatically every time. Anyone can participate here.

25. Where can I view the details of the Tournament?

Players can find each tournament's specific start time and other relevant details inside the Tournaments Tab.

26. If I win a Tournament what will I get?

Winner in the Tournament will receive winning amount in his/her Stake4Win Account. Further you can withdraw it to your bank account.

27. How does the toss option work?

Each player is dealt one card from a single deck (Jokers are not included) before beginning of the game. Players are seated clockwise in decreasing order of their card. The player with the highest card wins and gets to open first. Toss for Seat is done for all type games.


1. What is a Bonus?

Bonus is an additional benefit which you get for buying real chips on different occasions at

2. What are different types of bonus?

  • Welcome bonus for the players deposit cash for the first time.
  • Free Tickets is a continue promotion offer by Stake4Win where players buy/shop whatever he/she want. He will get free tickets for tournaments after shopping.
  • Refer a friend bonus is issued when you refer a friend to

3. What is Private Club Membership?

Anyone can become private club member and enjoy the amazing benefits only offered by

4. What are the benefits of Private Club Membership?

Private Club Member’s benefits are:

  • Limited or No transactions fees.
  • You can create private room from your personal group to play the games at
  • You can join other paid games and tournaments also by paying the games and tournaments fees.

Note- You will not eligible to play other games free of cost. But you can play other games by paying the fees as non club member.

5. What are the types of private club member?

There are two options for private club members as follow:

Benefits Diamond Platinum
Fees 5000/Month 10000/Month
Rake 1.5% Free
CreatePrivate Room Yes Yes
Invite Other Club Members Yes Yes

6. Refer a friend?

Below are the Steps to refer your friend and earn Bonus:

Step 1: Login into Stake4Win with your username and password.

Step 2: Click on the Refer & Earn button and choose your Email Provider/ IM / Social Networking and start inviting your friends.

Step 3: An Invitation email will be sent to your friends.

Step 4: Referral has to click on the link provided in the invitation email and register on Stake4Win.

7. Why didn’t I receive free tickets/bonus?

In such scenario, we request you to kindly contact our Customer Service Team or write to us at from your registered email id.